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Your European Digital Innovation Hub in Hesse

Our Mission

A booster for your digital future

Welcome to EDITH – your “European Digital Innovation Hub” in Hesse! Our mission is to bridge the digital gap in Hesse and to enable the region to be one of the smartest and most sustainable ones in Europe. We provide free support to you as small and medium-sized enterprise (SMEs), start-up or public administration organisation in planning and implementing your digitalisation projects.

As one of a total of 230 European Digital Innovation Hubs (EDIH), EDITH is a strong and driving member of the European EDIH universe. EDITH is part of the Digital Europe Programme and co-funded by the European Union.

Our Mission

„We want to bridge the digital gap in Hesse and make the region one of the smartest and most sustainable ones in Europe.“

Our Services

Digital solutions that match you

Test before invest

Are you thinking about introducing a new digital solution? Before you invest, we offer you the opportunity to test the transformation you are thinking about. Get an insight into systems that are already working! Discuss with our experts the benefits and challenges and whether the solutions fit your business model! From metal printers, digital production processes, back office automation, marketing AND cybersecurity to complex artificial intelligence systems: we are your contact for the digital transformation that suits you.

Skills & Training

Would you like to prepare your organisation for the digital transformation?

At EDITH you can learn about the whole range of digital aspects. How do I become more visible in social media?  How do I implement basic processes of digitalisation? And how do I secure my company against cyberattacks? In cooperation with you, we develop workshops, seminars and other event formats to qualify your employees. Or provide you with individual advice: How to make the best use of a data centre? How to best cover your expertise needs? And how to reduce your carbon footprint with the possibilities of digitalisation? We offer you the best knowledge and bring you up to digital ball level in the topics that actually bring you and your organisation forward.

Support to find investors

Digital solutions are not only useful and secure the future viability of your organisation – in most cases they involve investments in software, hardware and resources. We put you in touch with funding sources: from private investors or venture capital to funding programmes from the state and federal governments or the EU to business angels, banks, private equity donors. We are also pleased to support you in formulating business models and business plans. In short, whatever your investment questions are, we bring you together with partners who can help you further.

Innovation ecosystem & networking

You are not alone: Other companies, organisations, research institutions, universities or colleges have developed innovations and best practices from which you can benefit quickly and easily. Use our network! Develop new ideas and exchange solutions! Work in overarching projects or be inspired by new digital solutions to sustainability. Whether value chains, customers, suppliers, key players from business, science and politics: we will find the right sparring partners for you and network with you – always from your perspective!

On-demand Services

In all four service areas, EDITH offers a range of on-demand services.

On Demand Services

We offer you


building through workshops, qualification, seminars


online & offline through contacts and events - with people and organisations that can help you get ahead

Orientation and sparring

of your digital plans through consulting, case studies and testing your plans in practical environments


transfer through practice-oriented publications

Our newsletter

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    Our competencies

    Key topics for the future

    Artificial intelligence

    We are exploring the ability of machines and computers to perform human-like tasks, such as learning, problem-solving and decision-making.


    We are skilled in protecting computer systems, networks, data and other digital assets from theft, damage or unauthorised access through cyber attacks.

    High Performance Computing

    We research on how to use powerful computers and networks to solve complex problems quickly and efficiently.

    Advanced Digital Tools

    We are experts in advanced software and hardware tools specifically designed to automate, optimise or simplify certain tasks.

    Our consortium

    High-end expertise from industry and science

    At EDITH, you work exclusively with leading institutions in their disciplines. Our consortium uses its high-end technological expertise and experience to enhance your digital maturity and that of our region.

    Our EDIH network

    Access to the best competencies in Europe

    The real charm and great advantage of the European EDIH project is that through us as EDITH you have access to the best expertise throughout Europe. Meaning:
    You want to know about digitalisation of logistics in the maritime sector? Hesse is not directly on the sea. But Helsinki is. Or Barcelona. And our EDIHs there specialise in this topic and will help you. Whether robotics, aviation, food, tourism or pharma & healthcare: we find the best experts, in Hesse, Germany and throughout Europe, for your task.

    EDIH Locations

    „Through the Hub and its connection to other European Hubs, our SMEs will be provided with the best competencies from Europe and at the same time, the Hessian Hub will create added value for SMEs throughout Europe.“

    Prof. Dr. Kristina SinemusHessian Minister for Digitalisation and Innovation
    Digitalisation Innovation
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    EDITH at DigiSustain:
    Kap Europe, Frankfurt am Main

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